This is the practice of caring for your teeth and good oral health. We offer advice on proper oral hygiene and nutrition as well as write my essay for me canada on how to keep sound oral hygiene by removing soft and hard dental plaque and tooth tartar.

We also give people instructions on how to maintain good oral health at home by using the right tools. In the course of regular half-yearly and annual examinations (check-ups), we warn our clients about the mistakes they probably make at home when taking care of their teeth and the entire oral cavity.

We use laser and plasma therapies to relieve pain caused by herpes labialis and canker sores, i.e. the problems that occasionally make your lives bitter. After the experience of our long-term care for your teeth, you will definitely keep returning to our dental practice.


Conservative dentistry encompasses the minimally invasive reconstruction of damaged teeth or teeth that have carious lesions by making fillings with aesthetic materials.

To prevent the pain we use local anesthesia. During our work procedure, we use dental binocular loupes, which enable us to reconstruct small details that are invisible to the eye. This method is also known as direct care or direct inlay. If we cannot get the right shape and tightness of the seal, we choose an indirect inlay made by a dental technician in a laboratory.

Endodontics is a root canal therapy. By using mechanical instruments with the control of digital X ray we mechanically treat, disinfect and sterilize (with laser) the root canal, which is then prepared for making a filling with modern filling materials.


When it comes to complications caused by the improper brushing, inadequate or damaged seal or prosthetic work, and consequently by poor oral hygiene, gingivitis occurs. Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gingival gums.

With timely and correct action, focused on the removal of the cause of the problem, we can stop and relieve the initial inflammation. This is the first stage of parodontology, which is the simplest and most effective. If we do not treat the inflammation in the first stage, it spreads to the deep periodontal tissue, and the surrounding bone parodontitis occurs. hydraulic press juicer Consequently, the therapy is more demanding, since we have to perform dental curretage or gum surgery. These patients should regularly take care of their oral hygiene, and definitely come to check-ups and maintenance therapies, which mainly comprise the removal of hard and soft dental plaque.

By using laser, all these procedures are simpler and more effective.

Back in the day patients lost their teeth, but nowadays we can avoid tooth loss and mitigate the consequences of periodontal disease.



We lose our teeth due to injury or inappropriate therapy; maybe we do not like the aesthetics or the occlusion is dysfunctional.

With appropriate prosthodontic rehabilitation, your dental prosthesis becomes functional, and you can eat, smile, laugh and be relaxed again.

In our practice, we replace a missing tooth either with a dental implant with a non-metallic crown on top, or with a dental bridge, attached to a zirconium frame.

We rehabilitate the front teeth with ceramic facets, inlays, onlays and crowns or caps.

We rehabilitate toothless jaws with dental implants on which we attach prostheses and dental bridges. We use the prosthodontic products made by means of CAD-CAM technology in one of the best laboratories in our area. After scanning the condition in your mouth by using the intraoral scanner, we virtually plan your rehabilitation. The vast majority of our prosthodontic products are non-metallic, up to date, minimally invasive and highly aesthetic.


Regarding oral surgery, patients still tend to associate “tooth extraction” with the word “toothache”. A tooth should sometimes be extracted, but due to the achievements of modern dentistry this procedure is nowadays completely painless.

When inserting implants into the jaw we cooperate with the oral surgeon in our dental practice. If necessary, we also make lifting of the maxillary sinuses and bone grafts. We monitor all our surgical procedures by means of CB-CT, which is a three-dimensional X-ray.